The sample included 1,055 African-American women living in San Diego County between the ages of 20 and 94, with a mean age of 40.5 years (SD=15.6). This weighting of younger participants in the sample is consistent with the age distribution of the region’s African-American population. While 6% of the county’s population is African-American, only 3.1% of those 55 and older and 2.5 % of those 65 and older are African-American. When women did not give their age (N=42), the RA and the stylists, who generally knew their clients over years and even decades, each independently estimated whether the women were at least 40 years of age. All who withheld their age were estimated to be well over 40 years of age. While this group appeared to be over 40 and, hence, a prime focus for many of the health promotion strategies designed to address disproportionate morbidity and mortality rates, they were always analyzed independently when age was a variable, including the calculation of the sample’s mean age.

As anticipated, the women who could afford to purchase beauty services at a neighborhood salon and would consent to research participation were also more likely to be better educated than the region’s African-American population at large. This is a concern that plagues most research studies and must be taken into account when the generalizability of the findings is considered. Viagra Super Active

Overall, 75% (790) of the women reported that they worked outside their home. Of the 945 women in the study who were 65 years old and younger, 80% (756) reported working outside the home.

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