Both the semiquantitative RT-PCR and RPAs demonstrated significantly greater expression of the FSHp and I/ A pB-subunit genes in anterior pituitary glands of boars with high FSH than in those with low FSH concentrations. No significant relationship between the FSHp and FS or GnRH-R mRNAs was detected in these same anterior pituitary glands. Previously, we reported that MS boars had markedly greater plasma FSH concentrations relative to WC boars, and this difference was associated with significantly greater FSHp transcripts in pituitaries of MS compared to WC boars. buy birth control online

Additionally, expression of the I/A pB-subunit gene in MS was about two times greater than in WC boar pituitaries. The results of the current study support the conclusion that this difference in I/A pB gene expression is related to the difference in FSH synthesis and secretion rather than being an unrelated characteristic of the MS breed. By using crossbreds of MS and WC, large differences in FSH secretion were readily apparent among boars (Fig. 1), with this difference in FSH being associated positively with differences in expression of the I/A pB-subunit gene (Fig. 2).

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