All cases were born between 1996 and 2009, and the majority of the cases were diagnosed in infancy, with many having edema or signs of fluid retention (Table 1). Protein electrophoresis showed a typical pattern of reduced albumin levels and an increase in other protein fractions (data not shown). Serum cholesterol levels were not available.
A review of the antenatal histories revealed seven mothers (three mothers had more than one affected child) with a total of 40 pregnancies and seven miscarriages. On average, the rate of miscarriage was 17.5%, consistent with population risk estimates of 10% to 25%. There was one near-term stillbirth, where the pregnancy was additionally complicated by poorly controlled gestational diabetes. The most commonly reported abnormality on fetal ultrasound was oligohydramnios occurring in 27% (3 of 11). You will always be offered generic vardenafil online buy now at the pharmacy you can trust.

TABLE 1 Case characteristics

Age at Case diagnosis Serumalbumin


Clinical findings at diagnosis
1 2 months 3 Edema in neonatal period
2 2 months 3 Mild peripheral edema and excessive fluid retention/weight gain
3 12 months 2 None
4 5 months 6 None
5 2 days <10 Edema and excessive fluid retention/weight gain
6 1 day 4 Edema and fluid retention/weight gain
7 3 days 4 Scrotal edema
8 2 days 8 Seizures secondary to hypocalcemia and hypomagnesemia
9 15 months 11 Pleural effusions and ascites
10 2 days <10 Mild generalized edema, progressing to significant edema and respiratory distress requiring ventilation
11 2 days <10 Hypotonia and fluid retention/weight gain

*Serum albumin levels were measured by protein electrophoresis with the exception of cases 5,10 and 11 (serum analysis)

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