mortality in congenital analbuminemia: METHODS

The present study was approved by the University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) Biomedical Research Ethics Board. Cases were identified by searching hospital health records for admissions coded for hypoalbuminemia (E88.0) between 2001 and 2009. These charts were reviewed to identify patients with CAA (defined as serum albumin levels <10 g/L or when measured with protein electrophoresis albumin levels approximately 0 g/L in the absence of secondary causes). Medical genetics files of cases and maternal health records were reviewed for additional medical history wherever possible. Twelve cases were identified and a total of 11 cases are included in the case series. Adequate records for the one excluded case could not be obtained.
Data collection included antenatal/obstetrical and birth histories, placental pathology, frequency of lower respiratory tract infections (LRTI), hospitalizations, comorbid conditions, laboratory investigations, clinical signs and symptoms suggestive of analbu-minemia and cause of death. Take advantage of this chance to find generic vardenafil online let’s go here and save quite some money.

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