congenital analbuminemia: DISCUSSION (part 2)

The present case series supports reports of SGA infants. Epidemiological studies have found that the mean birth weight of First Nations infants is higher compared with other ethnicities and, therefore, we may have underestimated the proportion of cases born SGA, because growth percentiles were determined using Fenton growth charts. The rate of miscarriage was not elevated; however, there may be an underestimation of the miscarriage rate because the accuracy of the numbers depend on self-reporting, and first trimester miscarriages are often unrecognized. The finding that there were a large proportion of preterm births among these cases was a novel finding for CAA.
None of the mothers in the case series are known to have CAA. We hypothesize that when the CAA adapted fetal circulation comes into contact with the nonCAA affected maternal circulation, the hydrostatic and oncotic pressure differences may affect placental function and/or integrity, and create a suboptimal in-utero environment. The large edematous placentas and frequent SGA infants in this case series support this hypothesis.

LRTI are a significant cause of morbidity among children. Recurrent LRTI, particularly in infancy, were frequent within our series. Recent studies report that American Indians and Alaskan natives less than one year of age continue to have 3.6 times as many LRTI as non-native infants. Similar results are reported in Canadian studies. The frequency of LRTI in our local population was not available for comparison. Comorbid conditions including neurological disorders and chronic lung disease were also common and are risk factors for LRTI in infancy. We cannot conclude that the high frequency of LRTI and associated morbidity is entirely due to CAA; however, an association between CAA and increased LRTI is suggested. You will always be able to find clomiphene 50 mg click here shopping with a trusted foreign pharmacy.

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