Birth control pills

Oral contraception, or birth control pills, was created at the middle of 1950-s and the debut was in the early 1960-s. Since that time hormonal contraception takes the leading position on the pharmaceutical market. Irrespective of the numerous side effects these remedies may cause, more that 75 % of sexually active female population of the planet prefer this type of contraception.
The efficiency of this medication is based on the active combination of synthetic chemicals that imitate the work of natural hormones produced in female organism: estrogen and progestin. As compared with other types of contraception, birth control pills prevent ovulation by tricking the organism. Namely, the organism “thinks” the woman is already pregnant due to the effect of hormonal combination in the birth control medication.
Creation of birth control pills offered women to choose the time when they are ready to make a family and bring up a child. This factor is very important because nowadays the majority of young and sexually active women begin the sexual life usually being a teenager and there is nothing surprising in the fact that this method of contraception is highly popular among young ladies. More than that, oral contraception is the best choice for this category of women due to high degree of protection (taken properly, birth control pills provide up to 99% protection) and the easy use (one unit of pregnancy-preventing medication should be taken daily at approximately the same time). Some of women mention that using oral contraceptives they get more sexual pleasure than while using latex condoms or a diaphragm. It depends, but changes in sexual drive are reported to be one of the severe side effects of hormonal birth control medications. Besides, during the first several weeks or months of taking birth control pills a woman may notice quite strange side effects: bleeding between periods, weight gain or lose, acne or increased hair growth. One should keep in mind that all the oral contraceptives are hormone-containing drugs and before taking such medications a woman should pass some tests to find out whether the remedy can be taken without negative effects on the hormonal status. On the other hand, some of modern combined oral contraceptives can improve acne or help to lose weight. Many women say that while taking birth control pills they don’t feel any side effects and lead rich sexual life. Anyway, if you feel something strange or unusual, inform your doctor and, I’m sure, you will be able to find in the rainbow of modern medications the best oral contraceptive suitable for you. But if you want to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV and AIDS), forget about contraceptives for oral administration: they won’t help.
Every missed dose of oral contraceptives increases the risk of becoming pregnant, that’s why it is recommended to take pills daily at the same time to form a kind of habit and not to forget about a scheduled dose. Birth control pills are prescription drugs. This means no one can avoid a visit to a gyn for a consultation and Rx. Besides, the switching from one kind of oral contraception to another should be under control of a medic.

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