Antibiotics are considered to be the most efficient and useful medicaments in our country. That’s why many people, instead of visiting a doctor, prescribe themselves “the best remedy” when a disease burst out in the organism. Self-reliant intake of antibiotics may lead to serious consequences. More than that, people buy antibiotics online more often than any other drugs on pharmaceutical market. Here are the 5 of the most widespread myths about antibacterial drugs we collected and tried to explode.
1. Antibiotics are the most efficient medication for influenza and cold.
The main thing you have to keep in mind is that flu and cold are produced by viruses. Antibiotics, being antibacterial drugs cannot fight viruses. If one takes antibiotics for flu or viral infections, there is a high risk of complications of the disease: the infection has weakened the immune system and the organism and such aggressive medicaments as antibiotics may make things only worse. More than that, if you have, for example, pneumonia in the future, antibiotics will be of no use.
2. Antibiotics work faster than other drugs.
Indeed, the results can be seen rather soon. But on the average the medical course of treatment with antibiotics lasts about 10 days. And it is very dangerous to interrupt the course soon after the first effect occurs. This may cause severe consequences. One of them is a multidrug resistance. Just imagine: a patient suffers from a disease. After 3 days of course with antibiotics, he feels better and decides to stop the intake. But the problem is that bacteria are still alive and mutate. The new, mutated bacteria can resist to the antibiotic and the latter cannot help you anymore.
3. Antibiotics are harmless.
Antibiotics can kill not only disease-producing bacteria, but all the microorganisms susceptible to these drugs, including good bacteria. That’s why after undergoing a course of treatment with antibiotics, a patient often suffers from allergies, dysbacteriosis and other disorders. Medical specialists see the problem in the accessibility of these drugs. Today everybody may buy antibiotics online without prescription, find all the necessary information about the dosing schedule and methods of treatment that only professionals can explain. People for years practice self-treatment with drugs that are not always save.
4. Antibiotics can be prescribed only by a doctor.
It stands to reason. But everywhere can be a catch. According to WHO, 75 % of antibiotics are prescribed irrationally. It takes place when a doctor wants to ensure himself against any risks. But sometimes patients demand to prescribe them a stronger medicine without thinking about the consequences. And in this case we cannot blame a healthcare provider. Patients should always obtain more information about potential risks of taking this or that medication, especially if they want to buy antibiotics online.
5. If the antibiotic was efficient in this case, I may use it the next time.
Do not store the remained antibiotics, you won’t need them. In every particular case your doctor in charge chooses a certain medication and dosage. Never give antibiotics and other medicaments children under 12, pregnant and breast-feeding women and elderly people without doctor’s recommendations. These people have special, non-typical reaction even to time-tested remedies.

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