The antiviral potencies of p3 and рЗТтб were within the range of activities determined for other ovine and bovine IFN-ts and for human (hu) IFN-a2 in this and other laboratories. buy asthma inhalers

The concentration of рЗТтб required to inhibit the proliferation of the human lymphoma cell line, Daudi, by 50% relative to controls was significantly lower (p < 0.05) than that noted for p3 (Table 1). Interestingly, the concentrations of these two ovIFN-ts that inhibited proliferation of human cells were considerably lower than have been reported for other ovine and bovine IFN-ts . The values approached those observed with huIFN-ct2 and huIFN-to when compared to p3 in the same assay.

Effect of Carboxyl Terminus Truncation on Ability of ovlFN-т to Increase CL Life Span in Nonpregnant Ewes

Intrauterine injection of either p3 or рЗТтб twice daily from Day 10 to Day 18 postestrus did not cause pyometra in any of the ewes treated. No adverse side effects of IFN-t treatment, such as hyperthermia, malaise, or reduced serum progesterone concentrations, were detected (data not shown), which is in contrast to those studies in which IFN-ts were given i.m.. Ewes that received no ovIFN-t experienced a normal duration of CL life span (Fig. 2). By contrast, all ovIFN-t treatments extended (p = 0.022) CL life span from as little as a few days to as much as several weeks (Fig. 2).
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FIG. 2. Ability of ovIFN-ts injected into the uterus of nonpregnant ewes to extend life span of the CL. Dots represent CL life span of individual ewes within each treatment (rows) and are accompanied by least-squares means and SEM for each treatment. Different superscripts denote differences (p = 0.022) between controls and ovIFN-T-treated ewes. No differences were detected between either p3 and рЗТгпб or doses of ovIFN-т injected.

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