Introduction of Ventolin inhalerThere are about 9 percent of the planet population who suffer from asthma. This disease of respiratory organs is characterized by reoccurring asthma attacks that in their turn appear as acute asthma symptoms. The latter include wheezing, cough, tightness in the chest and difficult breathing. When it is an attack, an asthma sufferer needs fast-acting medication, like Ventolin. The use of a Ventolin inhaler helps to relieve the bronchospasm, in which the asthma attack usually consists. A bronchospasm is a constriction of bronchi caused by the influence of an allergen or other factor, which consists in tension of smooth muscles that surround the airways and following narrowing of the air passages. It is necessary to use a bronchodilator in this case, a special drug that relieves the attack quickly and make the airways wider. Every Ventolin inhaler contains a certain dose of Albuterol that belongs to the class of bronchodilators. As a rule, these remedies work fast but have short-term effect what make it impossible to use Ventolin or other bronchodilators frequently. On the other hand, an unusually frequent use of fast-acting asthma medication may be a weighty reason to contact with your doctor as the asthma condition requires another treatment.

They often call Ventolin inhaler as a rescue medication as fast-acting asthma medications frequently save lives. It goes without saying that every asthma sufferer should have one fast-acting rescue medication nearby to use it when caught by an attack.
On the pharmaceutical market Ventolin inhaler is available only in the form of metered-dose inhaler. This device has a number of peculiarities that should be taken into account while using it to get the best of the medication. Ventolin inhaler consists of a metal canister containing the liquid pressurized form of the medication and plastic actuator, or a mouthpiece. Metered-dose inhalers are aerosol inhalers (or puffers) that release a certain dose of the drug every time the device is used. The releasing is based on the physical characteristics of propellant (a special gas inside the canister) and the device architecture. The gas is to be mixed with the medication and, when a patient pushes the actuator, the composition sprays out of the canister. Meanwhile, propellant disappears in the air and the medication gets into the lungs. This can explain the necessity to shake MDIs during 10-15 seconds before making the inhalation. The inhale should be deep and considerable. After the inhalation is made, the patient must hold the breathing to be sure that the medication is delivered where it is necessary. The proper care of the device makes its functioning life longer. Clean it after every time of use or at least once a week. If you have just bought Ventolin inhaler, you should prime the device by releasing a couple of doses away from the face. It is necessary to ascertain its workability and prepare it for use.

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