DISCUSSION (part 2) / proventil albuterol

Scamps et al reported a EC50 (concentration of drug evoking a half maximal effect) of 20 pM and a Hill coefficient near 2, while our data suggest a Kd value in AVN cells near 60 pM and a Hill coefficient of 1.3. Our data suggest that, in rabbit AVN, the sensitivity of ICa,L to flecainide is a little lower than that in frog ventricular cells. While we did not compare the relative sensitivities of ICa,L and INa to flecainide, our data indicate, in a qualitative fashion, that INa was blocked to a greater extent than ICa,L. Scamps et al compared the actions of the drug on these two currents and found that flecainide 10 pM blocked INa by more than 90% – consistent with a much higher sensitivity of INa than ICa,L to the drug. Our qualitative observations agree with these.Yamashita et al , using rabbit atrial myocytes, applied only one dose of flecainide (10 pM) and observed a small percentage inhibition of ICa,L at this dose (correlating reasonably well to the sensitivity of rabbit AVN ICa,L to this drug concentration). In dog atrial tissue, Wang et al saw no reduction by flecainide 4.5 pM, while in dog ventricular myocytes, Kihara et al saw an approximately 25% block by 10 pM and a 66% block by fle-cainide 100 pM. Rabbit AVN ICa,L, therefore, shows a sensitivity to flecainide over a range of concentrations observed in other cardiac regions and species. You can finally spend less money and time whenever your need proventil albuterol since you are being given access to the best online pharmacy you have ever come across.

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