Every time you buy asthma inhalers you should be sure you can use it properly. By the way, are you sure you use the device correctly? You push the actuator at first and then make an inhale or vice versa? Don’t worry, a lot of people are not sure how to use an inhaler when they hold it for the first time. An inhaler is the special medical device that is considered to be the most efficient method of drug intake. This device is widely used for treating of such diseases as bronchial asthma and other disorders of upper respiratory organs. If you or your close friend suffers from asthma, it is very important to know as much about inhalers as possible. Where can one buy asthma inhalers? What kind of asthma inhaler is suitable for you at the moment of time and for your condition? How do these devices work? People diagnosed with bronchial asthma for the first time have no idea how not to lose the way in the wide assortment of asthma inhalers and asthma medications available nowadays on the pharmaceutical market.
What is an inhaler? Inhaler is a pocket device created for delivering a medication straight into the lungs. It goes without saying that you still may take medications orally or make injections, but only inhalers may deliver the drug straight into the lungs and stop the exacerbation of asthma symptoms faster and with fewer side effects. There are two ways for a medication to get into the lungs with the help of inhalers:
1. Metered-dose inhaler. The drug is released through a small aerosol filter box. When you push the actuator, medication contained in the container gets in the mouth and you breathe it in.
2. Dry-powder inhaler. While using this type of inhalers it is necessary to make a deep and considerable inhalation. These devices are a little bit difficult-to-use, especially when used at the event of asthma attack to relieve short breathing and suffocating. That’s why it is advised to read directions for using thoroughly as different dry-powder inhalers should be used differently.
When a person wants to buy asthma inhalers for different cases (s)he should keep in mind the difference between medications used for treating an asthma attack that has already begun and asthma drugs for preventing attacks and treating symptoms. There are 3 possible types of medication contained in an inhaler: anti-inflammatory drugs (corticosteroids), bronchodilators (fast-acting relieving medication) and both types of drugs (in a combined asthma inhaler).
Inhalers with anti-inflammatory drugs help to keep asthma attacks from occurring, reduce the degree of swell and control the production of mucus in airways. These medications help to control the course of the disease.
Asthma inhalers with bronchodilators can be used for relieving of such symptoms as wheezing, breathlessness and cough. They can be short-acting and long-acting. These devices make airways wider, relieving a bronchospasm faster than remedies for oral administration.
You should control the amount of the drug contained in the device to avoid unpleasant surprises. When you buy asthma inhalers, pay attention to the dose counter, special device that shows how many doses of the drug left in the inhaler. If your inhaler has no counter, you’ll have to count the doses you used.

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