Ventolin inhalers

Ventolin inhalers are widely used in treatment of asthma and reversible obstructive pulmonary disorders. This medication is mostly prescribed for relieving and preventing bronchospasms in adults and children after 4. Ventolin is a highly efficient bronchodilator that helps a patient to get rid of difficult breathing, wheezing, coughing and chest tightness. It affects the tight smooth muscles around the airways relaxing them and promoting the broadening of the airways. As a result, more air is to be passed through the lungs and make the person breathe more easily. Ventolin inhalers are also useful in attempts to prevent exercise-induced asthma attacks.
This medication may come in several forms. Among them: inhalers, solution for respiration, syrup and solution for injection. Syrup is usually used for treating children of 2 and older.
The active component of the drug is Albuterol Sulfate. The use of Ventolin inhalers is contra-indicated in patients, allergic to this component of the drug or beta-adrenergic agents. Albuterol sulfate is fast-acting bronchodilator, which relaxes tensed smooth muscles in a few minutes. This function is vitally important when a person is taken aback by an unexpected severe asthma attack. That’s why the majority of patients know medications under this umbrella as “rescue medication”. Correspondently, if a patient wants to prevent asthma symptoms, (s)he cannot use Ventolin.
Ventolin inhalers have some restrictions for using. For example, this albuterol-containing medication should be used with caution and only after consulting a doctor by patients with hypertension, fast or slow heartbeat, hyperactive thyroid gland, uncontrolled blood sugar (diabetes mellitus), and insufficient volume of potassium. The list can be continued. That’s why it is very important to inform your doctor in charge about all the diseases you suffer from. Besides, your doctor should know about the drugs you have to take simultaneously with Ventolin to provide for all possible drug interactions that may reduce the effect of Ventolin.
While using Ventolin inhalers various side effects may occur. They are: sleeplessness, watery stool, shaking, sore throat, high blood pressure, pain in muscles, stuffiness in nose, chest pain, constriction of bronchi (bronchospasm), uneven heartbeats, and breathlessness, low level of potassium, giddiness, and dry mouth. If side effects are bothersome or persist, you may complain your doctor and find another remedy or a method to relieve these symptoms.
Patients should be conscious of the disease gravity and thoroughly follow doctor’s advice. Don’t take more or less of prescribed dosage and use the remedy until your doctor decides otherwise.
Ventolin is a prescription drug available in local drugstores and in online pharmacies where Ventolin inhaler can be bought without prescription. Usually, in online pharmacies customers are those who find online shopping comfortable and those who are too busy to visit a doctor and get prescription. But do not forget that before taking one or another medication it is obligatory to get a professional medical consultation. Otherwise, there is a high risk of unwanted sequelae.

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