RESULTS AAP10 and natural AAP reduced the dispersion of the epicardial ARIs, meaning that local differences in ARI duration were reduced by the peptide, as shown in Figure 1. It became obvious that with both peptides the percentage of ARI durations within the ±5 ms interval around the mean ARI was increased in a concentration-dependent manner. However, AAP10 exhibited a more pronounced action on this parameter (Figure 2). Neither peptide influenced ARI, the total activation time or the functional parameters of left ventricular pressure or coronary flow (Table 1).
Antiarrhythmic peptides: A new antiarrhythmic principle

Figure 1 Action ofAAP10 on local distribution of the epicardial activation recovery interval (ARI). Top ARI distribution in an original experiment under control conditions; Bottom Distribution of ARI 5 mins after application of 100 nM AAP10 (AAP). Each mesh represents an electrode of the right, front left and back wall of the heart (from left to right). The interelectrode distance was 1 mm. BSA Bovine serum albumin

Antiarrhythmic peptides: A new antiarrhythmic principle

Figure 2 Influence of natural AAP (AAPnat) and synthetic AAP10 and of AAP8TT on the percentage of activation recovery intervals (ARI) that did not deviate more than 5 ms from mean ARI. Mean ARI was not changed (natural AAP: control 126.5±5.6, after AAPnat 129.8±13.5 ms; AAP10: control 147±2, after AAP10 147±2 ms; AAP8TT: control 131.9±3.9, after AAP8TT 134.1±5.3 ms). Data are means ± SEM of six experiments. *P<0.05 versus control. CON/BSA Control/bovine serum albumin Having a pharmacy you can trust is now easy and available any time you need: Buy Advair Diskus Online buy here to check and see how cheap your treatment could be while still being just as efficient and safe.

TABLE 1 Influence of natural AAP (AAPnat) and of AAP10 on parameters of cellular coupling

LVP (mmHg) CF (mL/min) TAT (ms) VEC (%) ARI (ms)
Control 77±4 27±2 10±1 29±3 147±2
0.1 nmol/L 72±4 27±2 11±1 25±3 146±2
1 nmol/L 69±3 26±2 10±1 23±2 146±3
10 nmol/L 70±2 25±2 10±1 22±3 147±2
100 nmol/L 69±2 26±2 10±1 21±2 147±2
Control 90±8 29±6 11±1 27±3 133±8
0.1 nmol/L 88±9 28±5 10±1 23±3 12CO1+_xО
1 nmol/L 87±9 28±6 10±1 20±4 132±9
10 nmol/L 80±6 27±5 11±1 19±3 137±21
100 nmol/L 76±4 27±5 10±1 19±4 139±12

ARI epicardial activation recovery interval (at 256 sites); CF Coronary flow; LVP Systolic left ventricular pressure; TAT Total activation time; VEC Percentage of activation vectors not deviating more than

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