An International Comparison of Asthma Morbidity and Mortality in US Soldiers (Part 3)

The final model consists of all first-order and second-order terms, all third-order terms with the exception of age-race-sex and age-location-sex, and the following two 4-way interactions: age-race-quarter-location and race-quarter-location-sex. The scaled deviance of the model, which has a x2 distribution, is 12.81 on 12 degrees of freedom, p>0.1, indicating an acceptable fit. Findings from examination of the residuals were unremarkable. The pattern in these figures suggests that asthma discharge rates in Europe, compared to CONUS, are consistently higher in the older group, more so for female than male subjects. Rates in the first and fourth quarter are somewhat better for those in the younger group in Europe except for black female subjects. All age groups in Europe reveal an increasing risk ratio in the second quarter, reaching a peak in the third quarter, when rates are two to four times higher than in CONUS. The seasonal pattern is discernible in the fitted rates in Table 3 for Europe, but the pattern for CONUS is both less consistent and less pronounced. The distribution of the duration of hospitalization was distinctly nonnormal, with marked right-skewness at both locations. The median duration was three days in both areas and was not significantly different by the Mann-Whitney rank sum test. order antibiotics online

Figures 3 through 5 depict the incidence of hospitalization by calendar year based on the model for the secular table. The final model consisted of all first-order terms, all second-order terms except age-sex, sex-year, sex-location, and year-location, and one third-order interaction, age-race-year. Examination of the goodness-of-fit statistic, scaled deviance of 57.12 on 55 degrees of freedom (p>0.01), and examination of the residuals indicated quite acceptable substantiation of the model assumptions.

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