The comparative efficacy of acarboseversus sulphony-lureas in diet-failed patients has been variable (see Table 4). As reviewed by Hanefeld, several unpublished European trials suggested that acarbose produced a degree of improvement in glycemic control comparable with that of glyburide 7 mg/day (range 3.5 to 10.5). The two nonblinded European studies reported almost identical effects of acarbose and gly-buride on PPG, FPG and HbA. The German Essen Study, a controlled trial, reported that acarbose and gly-buride had similar effects on PPG, FPG and HbA1c; however, the magnitude of these reductions was half of that observed with either drug in the aforementioned nonblinded studies. One American controlled trial compared acarbose 200 mg tid with tolbutamide 250 mg tid. Improvements in FPG and HbA1c with acarbose were about half of those achieved with tolbutamide, while PPG reductions were similar. It’s your time to experience safe and affordable treatment the way it was meant to be enjoyable. You can have that every time you order allergy medications at the bestpharmacy that you are now welcome to check out.

There are virtually no published reports comparing the relative efficacy of biguanides with acarbose. As reviewed by Toeller, acarbose is as effective as, or slightly less effective than, metformin.

Acarboseuse was associated with a significant reduction  in postprandial serum insulin levels in selected studies in which this was examined, although fasting insulin levels were unchanged. Body weight was not significantly altered with any consistency in all of the clinical trials. Some studies reported reductions in postprandial serum triglyceride values. In general, however,acarbosehas not been demonstrated to improve dyslipidemia significantly in NIDDM.

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