Suprapubic area

On immunohistochemistry, EMA and CEA are known to be useful to distinguish between normal eccrine glands and tumors arising on eccrine glands. S-100 protein is seen on secretory cells of normal eccrine glands and myoepithelial cells, but not in cells of the ductal portion of eccrine sweat glands or tumors arising on eccrine glands. Malignant eccrine poroma arising on the intraepidermal ductal portion of eccrine sweat glands shows positivity for EMA and negativity for S-100 protein. Most of tumor cells show negativity for CEA but tumor cells forming vessel structures show positivity for CEA.

Malignant eccrine poroma arises on the intraepi- dermal ductal portion of eccrine sweat glands. Tumor cells grow horizontally from epidermis to surrounding parts or vertically from epidermis into dermis and even into subcutaneous tissue. Tumors can also cause lymphangitis carcinomatosa in the event that they infiltrate into the lymph nodes of dermis, which clinically causes lymph- edema in which the superficial lymphatics are blocked by tumor cells that act like a plug. cialis 10 mg

Malignant eccrine poroma recurs in patients who have had their tumor surgically removed and spreads to nearby lymph nodes after 1 to 6 months in 20% of all patients. Thus, because the tumor is likely to recur regionally, it is important to extensively excise and completely remove the area around the tumor while closely looking into the margin of the tumor through a microscope. It is also necessary to do prophylactic regional lymph node dissection in case of regional lymphadenopahty. Once the disease recurs, however, most patients die of metastases after they don’t respond to chemotherapy or radiotherapy due to incorrect diagnosis. In conclusion, we clinically and pathologically experienced one case of malignant eccrine poroma developing on suprapubic area, which is considered a very rare case, and report it along with immuno- histologic findings.

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